CCTV Camera Installation Near Me

Besides deterring theft and burglary, CCTV is used by many homeowners to collect evidence against anti-social behaviour that is plaguing many parts of the UK. Most families feel that Home CCTV is a crucial part of protecting their homes and lifestyle – protecting themselves from intrusion. And CCTV Camera Installation near me can help with all types of CCTV from IP to Analogue HD.

Install CCTV professionally for your home or business

  • Having CCTV installed deters theft and burglary to a great extent – high-profile cameras and signage can help reduce crime significantly.
  • You can record continuously with a standalone digital video recorder, giving you the assurance that any activity in and around your home is being recorded.
  • Night Vision – Many security systems use infra-red cameras to record images from completely dark areas of your home – such as alleyways and yards.
  • View your CCTV System on your iPhone/iPad – We can set up your CCTV system so you can view it on your smartphone – just ask us.

Home CCTV Installation

Why Should I Install a CCTV System at Home?

Whenever choosing a CCTV system, you have a wide variety of choices. A basic, straightforward system is perfect for general home monitoring.

 In addition to this, a professional installation could be necessary if you need to present evidence in court.

A CCTV system that needs to identify someone, and needs to be used in court – then the subject should be at least 120% of the screen.

If you need to identify someone from your CCTV home security system, and will need to present this as evidence in court – then the subject should be larger than 100% of the screen. 

Some homeowners who are seeking reassurance from CCTV look for it not only in large homes.

  • Monitor your home while you are away or on holiday
  • Record activity for review at a later date
  • Actively deter criminals by using signage and cameras
  • Keep an eye on who is visiting elderly or dependant relatives using a hidden security camera.

CCTV Cameras for Home

In your home, you can either install a wireless CCTV camera system or a wired CCTV camera system, but most people opt for wired systems due to their reliability, and wireless cameras require power cables. Ask us for advice.

CCTV on your iPhone / iPad / Mobile

We sell many CCTV systems which are compatible with mobile phones. If you would like to view your CCTV footage from your mobile phone, please let us know on your request.

Having the ability to see your home’s CCTV footage from your phone is a powerful tool, not only when you’re away from home, but whenever you want to check in on your home.